Thursday, September 13, 2012

Abstract of my discerning

Left everything with a blind sight. On a road that holds no familiarity to my conscience. The only baggage I carried was high spirits. High spirits and optimism that I tattooed to my back. Kissed my comfort good bye as I shut my eyes. My life, my eternity and my reason to exist all embedded in that place I exiled. With eyes wide shut it wasn't darkness that surrounded me. I have began to dream a new dream. See my spirits are not less than a wanderer. I hold no reluctance to distance nor to the unexpected. I am intimidated from no one but myself. I am my savior and I am my own torment. How I pave my path is in my hands and not what I fear that I can not see. My lord is my witness, I carry a bliss to ease me at peace. Cursed be my soul if I ever carry pride. I want to inherit appreciation for every breath I breathe. I find purpose to my life with every smile I pour out on somebody's face. From every hand I shake and every hope I give. I have begun to understand why life was never about me. I praise every soul that ever lit my day. Every soul that came my way. Whether to stay or cause dismay. They forgave my short comings and my mistakes. My imperfections and my hate. This road I paved I don't ever want to astray. My peace lies within the comfort of every soul that I may pass. And as I keep these eyes wide shut I have gained a better sight. My home, my life, my eternity and my place shall be carried with me through my very actions. I will depict them for the better. I will honor them with every drop of happiness I may procure.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Now to commence a time well awaited...

Along with the multitude of emotions one feels before embarking on a journey they have always longed for; there lies a brisk feel of excitement and some neurotic sparks. Expectation is receipted not just from a dignitary but rather from self as well. There are desires and goals to match up to along with human instincts of finding shortcuts to get there, we need to find a balance amongst this truffle of feelings to optimize for a positive outcome. I twist my fingers as I prepare for tomorrow, for it shall be one that will; god willingly; prevail with a great starts to a career I want to see myself rest with until the end of time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There is an unseen path that defines my longing. Beyond every horizon that my instincts illustrate, there is a touch of connection that feels so familiar like it is my own. Suddenly these attributes are invading rapidly beneath the sheath of my skin. I have kept my every move on a limit, so I am never to overwhelm even a speck of this feeling. This longing is now a curiosity which burns through without forming a scar, a cold blue fire that seeps through the life of me. It exempts me from staying timid rather frees me from my mutiny. It echoes with a sound so glistening that I can see it through my eyes. Now my hand seems to work as a wand painting a song that plays in the heart like it was there all along. Encrypted in ways I could never reveal, yet portrayed to me without a seal. That unseen path brings forth a dilemma, for the longing is hardly bearable but the separation is another endeavor.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random thoughts

The beauty of secrecy is the capability to mask the inconsistencies yet flourish the perfection.

Random thoughts

Life is best enjoyed through the eyes of a child, thoughts of a scholar and words of a man.

Random thoughts

I find bliss in the depths of the heart, where one finds the medium between desire and curiosity.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Beyond any reasonable doubt there lies more taunts in this world to help you fall astray than ones to help you succeed. The motive behind reaching your potentials doesn't lie in knowledge, rather it is presented with defeat. Time is a unique aspect of life, the more you try to pass it the further it seems. Punctuality leads to further your exhaustion and the efficiency never seems possible to redeem. The only focus to pertain is keeping your eye on the game, goals weren't made to be easy and distractions are never refrained. The only picture to paint, is the blue prints to fame. Rest tomorrow and work today, struggle now for better days.